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Bug reports and feature requests

Open a bug report or a feature request via GitHub Issues.


Development uses poetry. Simply clone the repository and install:

$ git clone
$ cd tact
$ poetry install

Pull requests

If you spot a bug, opening a pull request to fix it would be appreciated!

On the web version of this documentation, click the edit button (looks like a pencil) to open the text editor to propose changes.


Tests use pytest. Mostly these are integration tests but there are some unit tests as well.

$ poetry run pytest  # optionally with --script-launch-mode=subprocess


To release a new version, increment the version using Poetry, then tag the new commit and push to GitHub:

$ poetry version patch  # or minor, etc.
$ git commit -p
$ git tag VERSION  # (v0.4.0)
$ git push --atomic origin BRANCH_NAME TAG  # (master, v0.4.0)

A GitHub Actions workflow will build and publish the new version on PyPI, and build container images for Docker Hub and GitHub Packages.